Our Goals

RDC Basketball was created on the Seattle’s Eastside with training curriculum that aligns with the structure of USA’s Basketball development pathway. We are passionate about bringing out the full potential in every athlete through hard work, focus, and corrected repetition, but in a fun environment.

Our athletes will learn what it means to overcome failure and how to fix their own mistakes. Besides learning self-discipline and team responsibility, with our active and fun drills, they will get in the best shape and become confident on the basketball court.

We are excited to be a partner that augments the Boys and Girls Club sports programs. We work with athletes all over the skill spectrum from 5 years old to college and professional players. We partner with hand selected coaches for each age group.

Coach Reggie

ate native from Tri-Cities, Reggie D. Clinton Jr. came to the Seattle area on a basketball scholarship. Despite his young age, Reggie has already years of experience as a player, coach, basketball coordinator and executive running RDC Basketball program.

He has been playing, training and coaching amateur players aged ranged from 5 – 18 years old. Besides playing with Seattle Storm WNBA team, Reggie had the opportunity to train Nate Robinson, a well-known NBA star from our area.

Reggie’s friendly personality and big heart touched many in the area, young players and parents and college and professional players alike. Reggie comes as highly recommended by many basketball professional in the area

As a Player

After 4 years of high school ball, Reggie accepted a full basketball scholarship at the Bellevue college. He played full 2 years for the scholarship duration as a player at the Bellevue College team, but also as a practice player for the Seattle Storm, an WNBA program in Seattle. During his player career, Reggie put his basketball knowledge and expertise in action as a coach right away

As a Coach

While still a player, Reggie started coaching at Bellevue High School and Bellevue College basketball camps. In addition, Reggie joined coaching staff of the Friends of Hoop Seattle (FOH), an elite AAU basketball organization and one of the best in the Northwest.

As a FOH coach, Reggie started with the 3rd grade team and quickly turn a bunch of kids into a very successful team. A few kids from this team still play for top teams in the Northwest. In addition, Reggie filled in as needed and coached other FOH teams and age groups through training, league and tournament games. Since FOH is a partner program with several high school basketball feeder programs, Reggie helped Juanita and Liberty basketball programs with their training and contributed to growth of these players.

Reggie occasionally trained Nate Robinson, a well-known NBA star from Seattle, adding professional athlete training to his list of skills and experiences.

Reggie also partners with multiple programs as a head coach and trainer

As a Basketball Coordinator

Coach Reggie was invited to join Bellevue Club and run their basketball program. While at the Bellevue Club, Reggie was a head coach to 3 – 4 teams for two seasons. His team’s age ranged from 1st to 7th grade. In addition, Reggie led more than 6 basketball minicamps on his own.

As the Executive at RDC Basketball

RDC Basketball program is the result of coach Reggie’s work put all together. Today, Reggie runs RDC Basketball training program, works as a full-time Fuego coach and gives back to community with his volunteer work.

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