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RDC Basketball is heavily involved in many volunteer and nonprofit based projects and organizations that give back to the community. We train our players hard on the basketball court, but we also believe in growing our players the right way off the court.  Please check out some of our exciting partners and community projects!



Instead of just monitoring from sidelines, we decided to jump right in! However, we also like to contribute financially when we can so we accept donations towards our community efforts. Please donate directly of purchase some of our gear at

We are very excited to partner with our loyal sponsors for this season, please check them and their businesses:

User Research International (URI)

User Research International helps customers build better products by recruiting participants and performing research to deliver more customer friendly products. You can participate in our research and get paid to share your opinions, sign up on:


The Recess Program – Recess With Reggie

The Recess Program was created to give all students a chance to participate in organized games during their recess time.  Typically each school has 3-5 recess staff that have to supervise 100-200 students by area. With the guidance of our highly trained staff we will be able to work with up to 6 classes a day per building.  Our services will help facilitate positive recess relationships through prescribed age appropriate activities that include explanation, demonstration, expectations,and real time individual and group feedback. TRP provides a welcoming environment for each student to try something new together. Further, we provide services of mentorship and anti-bullying messaging.  A fundraiser will be held for each school (or grant written to PTA) to raise money for necessities dependant on each school’s needs. We will also build our community at large through a partnership and school visits with surrounding police to promote the positive interaction between our community and safety officials.


Rainier Athletes

Coach Reggie is volunteering his time with kids living in low income households that participate in youth sports. Reggie frequently visits a group of kids during the school year making sure that they stay focused in school and to do their best on the sports field. Through this program he is able to give back to the kids that have have a lifestyle that he can relate to.

Let’s Support Mjracle!

RDC Basketball is proud sponsor for Mjracle Sheppard! Mjracle has been selected to represent Washington in the Elite Girls Basketball National Middle School All-American Games!! She is a Boys and Girls Club member who is a born entrepreneur and natural Hooper. She currently plays basketball for the 8th grade Lady Local Hoops Select team coached by the one and only Coach Ice.

Mjracle collects clothes for foster children and raises money for her traveling expenses but has a dream of creating a clothing line for girls! Not only that, she wants to make it to the WNBA, which is very possible because this girl got game!!! Please join us in supporting Mjracle by donating or purchasing her shirt!

She even makes her own basketball shirts and sells them to raise her money. As a 6th grader she is already taking time out of her day to care for others while trying to accomplish her own dreams. Go Mjracle!

Mjracle representing Washington:

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