RDC Semi-Private Trainings

Semi-private Training

At RDC Basketball, we believe in excellence through preparation. In basketball, regular training to keep your skills is a must, simply because basketball skills are gained through training and because your competition is doing it!

Our coaches semi-private trainings are a great way to gain skills and get better because you are practicing with your opponents! Since we have some quality players in our teams, you will be exposed to some good competition.

Training sessions will be based on trainers availability.  


Our Trainers: 

Dylan Foreman.  Specializes with offesesive skill building.  Footwork, ball handling, and shooting are main areas Dylan focuses on. He typically works with 6th-7th grade boys and girls but is versatile and can work with anyone.

Quin Briceno.  Specializes in speed, agility, and strength building.  Vertimax certified and does his own private trainings.  Grades 4th-High School. 

And, we have tons of fun!

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