Private 1 on 1 training

At RDC Basketball, we are doing all we can to improve our players during our team practices and various training sessions. However, we understand that some players just can’t get enough of it, and would like to get better fast!

To meet the demand, RDC Basketball will be offering private 1 on 1 training sessions. The goal for this training is to further develop individual skills in both offense and defense. Here are some examples:

Offense drills with Coach Reggie and his very first private training player Neven:

Ball handling and shooting:

At our 1 on 1 training, we will be focusing on developing:

  • Foot work
  • Balance
  • Ball handling
  • Shooting
  • Situation scenarios

Payment Options

All Coaches: $50/player for 1 hour session

Registration now goes through PTminder.  Please contact Reggie or Dylan in order to set up a private trainng.

How To Register

Click HERE

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