Reggie is very detail-oriented and obviously very good at translating what he has learned on the court as a player into what he teaches to the kids. For someone as young as Reggie is, he is professional way beyond his 23 years.

Reggie’s ability to treat kids with respect and have fun must be why all his camps were at full capacity last summer. He also treats his assistants like friends and brothers.

My son Isaias did a weeklong camp in summer 2016 with Reggie and came out of that having a lot of fun and showing dramatic development as a player.

Alex Valdes

Reggie excels at coaching largely because of his genuine care for the kids. He wants to see the best come out of every child. He’s a hard worker himself and that sets the standard for the kids to emulate. His unique ability to make working really hard also fun for the kids stems from the true respect he has for each child and the belief he has in their potential.

Jeannie McGinnis

Reggie is the absolute total package. He is an amazing basketball player. He has mastery of the skills and knows how to both use them and teach them. He is a great person and I trust him with my kids. He blends the perfect amount of fun with positive correction as to not diminish my kids’ love for the game. My kids are excited to train with him.

Kevin Otto

Luke hasn’t had the opportunity to be on one of your teams, but we hope for that to change soon. My expectation is that Luke will experience the same characteristics from you as a trainer once you are coaching him. Adding, of course, teaching each player how to be a great teammate.

Aside from the positive impact from training, you made the effort to go and watch Luke (and others) play at a tournament. You provided feedback on his performance. This was beyond any reasonable expectation, and sincerely appreciated. Luke sees how much you care.

Blake R. Bell

As a trainer, Reggie has a plan to develop these young players.   He develops great drills but more importantly focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of his players to make them better.  He is patient, but demands real effort from the kids.  He is concerned if they aren’t developing correctly and focuses on making a play the best that he or she can be.  Our family has nothing but respect for Reggie and his program.  We would highly recommend his training and approach to the game he so obviously loves.  Reggie always has a smile when working with young kids.  Both our children have learned the power of effort from Reggie.  Effort is tough to teach, but so important for today’s youth.  Both my sons get what effort can afford them and they respect their own abilities and others.

Don and Moya Skillman

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